Strategic Session "New Brand, New Opportunities"

The greatest value of Khmelnytskyi is people: hardworking, friendly and enterprising. It is the Khmelnytskyi citizens who should be in focus of the city brand and its promotion strategy - this is one of the main messages of the Strategic Session "New Brand, New Opportunities", which was held at the initiative of the City Development Agency.

More than three dozen residents participated in the session - representatives of business, culture, education, municipal economy, public figures, marketing and advertising professionals, and city authorities.

During the session, the participants concluded that the greatest resource in promoting Khmelnytskyi is the city's residents who can tell much more about its history, art and life advantages. Therefore, the main audience, to which the authors of the brand should address are its inhabitants. They should feel the dynamics of city development, receive information on advancement in the field of environmental friendliness, safety, and social responsibility.

These and other conclusions from the session will be used to develop the brand and promote it. The brand designers will be appointed by an open competition in which companies, designers, and artists from around the country are welcome to take part.

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