“Kupui Khmelnytske” – the first exhibition fair promoting the local commodity producer

Khmelnytskyi City Council has launched the project “Kupui Khmelnytske” which will increase the competitiveness and prestige of local producers, the recognition of local brands, and provide the city's population with high-quality goods.

The exhibition "Kupui Khmelnytske" presented manufacturers working in the field of trade, restaurant business, and food producers. All the guests had the opportunity to taste the Khmelnytskyi products, and to buy goods.

As the Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Honcharuk noted, giving preference to local producers has a clear economic justification - the funds remain in Khmelnytskyi.

It should be noted that the brand "Kupui Khmelnytske" was demonstrated in Poland as well. In an annual exhibition fair of the food industry Ekogala in Rzeszow, the representatives of the City Council together with the city food industry enterprises presented the made in Khmelnytskyi products.