One more victory to our list!

Khmelnytskyi has joined to the Open Government Partnership @opengovpart’s #OGPLocal. Open Government Partnership consists of the representatives of the governments, society, business and non-profit organizations to implement the open government as an effective means of the cooperation between the government and society ttps://

The Partnership points out the deep appreciation of our city’s achievements in the open government. The principles of our activity are the openness, genuineness and fairness. Moreover, the development of the e-democracy, in particular electronic services and open data, is the main priority of our activity set in the Khmelnytskyi development strategy. The noteworthy examples are the accession of Khmelnytskyi to the Common Platform of the Local E-democracy, successful operation of services “Local Petitions”, “Open City”, “Electronic Public Consultations”. However, the city is implementing own startup MyCity and in 2008 Khmelnytskyi joined to the International Open Data Charter

The international partnership provides the opportunity to represent our city on the informational platforms of the Partnership members and achieve its worldwide recognition and extensive support. Khmelnytskyi City Council initiated the accession to the Partnership, and Khmelnytskyi City Municipal Facility “Khmelnnytskinfocenter” (“Хмельницкінфоцентр”), MF “Khmelnytskyi Development Agency” (“Агенція розвитку Хмельницького”) and CO “Kmelnytskyi initiative” (Хмельницька ініціатива) prepared the application for the accession.