Kozlovskoho Passage, 3-А

Communal Property/City Territorial Community From:Сity Development Agency
Ulraine, Khmelnytskyi

Sale price: Expert assessment required
Rent price: 18.42

Convert: EUR GBR USD



City/Commune: Khmelnytskyi

District: Khmelnytskyi

Province: Khmelnytskyi

Is the property located within city limits? (Y/N): Yes

Distance to Khmelnitsky city limits, km: 0

Area of property

Max. area available (as one piece), ha: 1.7

What is the property’s shape? : Rectangle

Possibility for expansion(Y/N): Yes

Short description : The indicated plot of land in accordance with the City Master Plan and the Scheme of integrated greening of the territory of the city.

Property information

Form of ownership (Private / Communal): Communal property

Do you have documentation of ownership (Y/N) : Yes

Land specification

Cadastral number: 6810100000:10:001:0738

Zoning (Farm/ Industrial/ Residential): Industrial

Are there any legal restrictions or encumbrances (Y/N): No

This property is offered for (Sale/Rent/Either): Sale

Sale price, Euro: Expert assessment required

Elevation, meter: 278.4

Is the site currently used? (Y/N): Yes

Underground water level, meter: -

Has a geological survey been done (Y/N): No

Is there a risk of flooding or land slide (Y/N): No

Underground utilites or services (Y/N): No

Ground and overhead obstructions (Y/N): No

Ecological restrictions (Y/N): No

Buildings/other constructions on site (Y/N): No

Transport links

Access road to the plot (Y/N): Yes

Nearest national highway, km: 0.829

Distance to nearest rail transfer station, km: 2.79

Nearest international airport, km: 12

Existing infrastructure

Is electricity service on the site? (Y/N): No

Distance to electricity connection point, meter: 0.8

Voltage, kWatts?: 10

Available capacity, MW: 200

Is natural gas on the site? (Y/N): No

Distance to connection point, meter: 1

Water supply (Y/N): No

Distance to connection point, meter: 0.02

Available capacity, m3/h: 500

Telephone service (Y/N): No

Distance to connection point to sewer, мeter: 0.02

Telephone service? (Y/N): Yes


+38 (096) 606 86 90 Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi invest.khm.gov.ua

Opening hours

9.00 - 18.00
Herasymchuk Lesia


Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi +38 (096) 606 86 90 [email protected]